Climate resilience

As a central pillar of our strategic compass, we designed three impact goals and intensively reviewed our ways of working.

One of our goals is to build climate resilient pathways, in order to drive more equitable and effective humanitarian and development outcomes.

The climate crisis is transforming into a protracted crisis, impacting all areas of life, especially for the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised. It is the result of human behaviour and a direct cause of increasing poverty, inequality, and humanitarian disasters that need to be addressed, including conflicts, famines, floods, droughts, and forced, unsafe mass migration.

Based on our presence in countries worst affected by the climate crisis, and our access in countries with power to influence at several levels, we support communities to strengthen their resilience. We employ a ‘nexus approach’ – addressing their humanitarian needs with a long-term perspective – and we channel their voices to speak out for sustainable and just solutions.

Adaptation and disaster risk reduction for communities
Environmentally sustainable programming
Reducing our carbon footprint

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