Our goal

Our shared vision is of a world free from poverty, hunger, injustice and inequality, a world in which every woman, man and child can exercise their rights fully and influence decisions affecting their lives.

Our joint goal is to become more effective change agents in ensuring community resilience (CR) in the contexts where we work. We do this by doing more, higher quality joint programming in development and emergency; drawing strong evidence from our experience and that of our partners, so we can be more authentic and influential advocates with decision-makers, and access new and increased revenue streams to ensure results on a significant scale.

Our ways of working

Our ways of working are inclusive, dynamic and democratic. Trust and respect are essential between collaborating institutions; they facilitate agreements and meaningful delivery on joint actions and processes. We must regularly nurture and develop them at the different stages of our cooperation, and have developed tools and process to help us do this such as our Rules of Engagement and our Code of Conduct.

Member agencies’ different strengths and financial weight do not affect equity in leadership and decision making within the partnership. The spirit of Alliance2015 is to seek consensus through robust discussion, even though purely operational decisions might be based on majority decisions. We consider non-objection to be enough for consensus. For changes to our founding documents and core policies and regulations, we require a 75% majority through voting.