Food systems

As a central pillar of our strategic compass, we designed three impact goals and intensively reviewed our ways of working.

We aim at transforming systems to tackle hunger and malnutrition, prioritising sustainability, equity and the needs and rights of those who are marginalised.

Based on our experience using multi-sectoral and human rights-based approaches to tackle hunger, malnutrition and working on pro-poor and sustainable food systems, we will contribute to the creation of nutrition-focussed, equitable, sustainable, and economically viable food systems, which respond to the needs and rights of marginalised people in crisis as a priority.

The production and consumption of nutritious food is the most basic building block of human survival and flourishing. Hunger and malnutrition are on the increase, made significantly worse by COVID-19 and strongly correlated to poverty and exclusion. The link between how we produce, distribute and consume food, the inequalities in our society, our effect on our climate and environment, conflict and humanitarian crises is clear and requires urgent attention

Food systems and nutrition

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