The Alliance2015 Strategic Compass

Building on our 2018-2020 strategic plan, which was focused on building community resilience, the Alliance2015 Strategic Compass guides the Alliance2015’s work for the period 2021-2025. It gives clarity and direction to everyone in Alliance2015 about what we do together, and how we contribute to making our common vision a reality through our joint work.

A compass is an instrument well-adapted to guide a network, which is naturally both looser and more complex than a single organisation. A compass gives flexibility and direction in responding to external changes, while remaining focussed on clear end goals. It gives a framework in which we can choose and adjust our pathways as needed to meet our goals, responding to what changes, and what we learn along the way.

Navigating through a challenging context

At a time of extraordinary and complex crises, with increasing conflicts and record numbers of displaced people, we need greater international cooperation and collaboration to reach the positive vision of the SDGs and address humanitarian needs.

Alliance2015 will respond to some of the most critical aspects of this broader effort, aligning actively with other actors working on:

  • Better partnerships, at different levels and between different actors.
  • A more comprehensive and nuanced approach to localisation in emergency programming, international development and cooperation.
  • More effective actors with shared concepts of the common good , who can constructively connect local realities and global politics, be it through concrete programmes on the ground or by amplifying the voice of local and national actors at regional and global level.
  • An increase in lean structures and agile ways of working, which can facilitate fast, flexible, innovative, proactive and inclusive responses in volatile and rapidly changing environments.

Learn more about our Strategic Compass 2021-25 here.

Download our leaflet here.

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