We’re excited to announce that our Alliance2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Nairobi on June 13-14th  as a hybrid event, co-hosted by Concern Worldwide with the Alliance2015 Hub! 

In these annual occasions, Alliance2015 members strengthen links and sense of belonging, harvest learning and reflect on accountability together. This year, the AGM will have the following specific objective: 

  • 2024 Objective: Establish a shared sense of the progress we’re making against the Strategic Compass’ Impact Goal 3 (Equitable civil society partnerships: contributing to more effective and inclusive local-to-global civil society collaboration).


Our 2024 AGM will take place over 2 days. Some sessions (marked with *) are hybrid.

DAY 1: 13th June 2024, 8:30-18:00 EAT/07:30-17:00 CEST

  • Registrations & Gallery walk (08:30-09:00)
  • Session 1 (09:00-09:30): Welcome & Opening Remarks(*)
  • Session 2 (09:30-10:30): Insight session: Getting Partnership Ready(*)
  • Session 3 (11:00-13:30): World café: Our equitable civil society partnerships
  • Session 4 (14:30-15:30): Insight session: Women’s’ leadership & Women–Centred Organisations(*)
  • Session 5 (16:00-17:30): Parallel Sessions: Members’ Partnership Experience
  • Session 6 (17:30-18:00): Today’s insights
  • Concern invites everyone to a Welcome dinner (19:00)

DAY 2: 14th June 2024, 9:00-17:00 EAT/08:00-16:00 CEST

Session 7 (09:00-09:30): Welcome & Reflections on Day 1
Session 8 (09:30-11:00): Insight session: Due Diligence Harmonization & Passporting(*)
Session 9 (11:30-13:00): Parallel Sessions: Partnership in practice, the difference we can make together – connecting with the work of Implementation Groups and CoPs
Session 10 (14:00- 15:00): Parallel Meetings (1. Regional exchange; 2. Partnership specialists; 3. Executive Board & co-chairs).
Session 11 (15:30-16:30): Parallel Meetings (1. Regional exchange; 2. TBD; 3. Executive Board).
Session 12 (16:30-17:00): AGM Conclusion and next steps.

Please be aware that this agenda is preliminary and may change. We are currently consulting with Implementation groups to finalize it.

Download the Travel & Security briefing here.

We’ll keep posting updates on this page!

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