On December 5, the Alliance2015 in Bolivia launched the Global Hunger Index 2023, a tool for comprehensively measuring and tracking hunger at global, regional, and national levels over recent years and decades.  

The Alliance2015 members in Bolivia, Ayuda en Acción, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Welthungerhilfe, presented the global report and highlighted the results of the 2022 specific country report for Bolivia.  

This year’s presentation of the GHI in Bolivia was made to create visibility for the global report and share the data from Bolivia. This year a local study was not carried out because no new updated data showing a change in 2022-2023, therefore the 2022 report is still valid, with the most updated data in Bolivia.  

The 2023 global report topic of youth and food systems was very important and a great opportunity to show the systemic work being done in Bolivia and the importance of giving a voice to young people. “Young people are not only suffering the failures of the food systems now, but they are also inheriting the problems that will come in the future, so they have to be part of the food systems decision-making” added Susanna Daag, Welthungerhilfe Representative for Peru and Bolivia, and spokesperson for the Alliance2015 network. 

A dialogue between youth representatives (4) from different backgrounds was included in the event: entrepreneurship, NGOs and the United Nations, discussing concrete proposals and solutions on how the youth can contribute to the transformation towards more sustainable and resilient food. As the youth entrepreneur Senobia Lázaro stated, “if the countryside doesn’t work, the city doesn’t live…. if there is no good food, there is no health, the work that is being done to revalue local and organic food, is helping young people to return to the countryside, and not only to return but to start a business“. 

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The Global Hunger Index Bolivia 2022 report: https://www.globalhungerindex.org/bolivia.html 

The Global Hunger Index 2023:  

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