Alliance2015’s members are preparing to assist communities in some of the world’s poorest countries to battle COVID-19

They are as well working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff in the countries where they operate and ensuring they can continue to deliver programmes to their fullest extent possible.

The humanitarian implication of COVID-19 in less-resourced countries of the world will be far more complicated than what Europe or China are experiencing, as this crisis will be cumulating to others (desert locust crisis in the Horn of Africa, refugee and acute social economic crisis in Lebanon, displacement and informal settlements in Bangladesh, Iraq, South Sudan, etc.) and in situations where governance and infrastructure may be weak or compromised.

Among the activities already launched by our members, is a crowdfunding aimed at supporting at-risk-families during isolation caused by coronavirus outbreak in Mongolia.

Alliance2015 member People In Need are active in the region:

“From our initial observations we have found that the social isolation measures taken by the government are negatively affecting children’s education and nutrition. This situation is particularly difficult for parents who rely on the services of 24-hour kindergartens,” says Baasanjav Ganchimeg, Emergency Response Manager, People In Need. 

The ‘Clean Hands Project’ – a coalition of private and public sector partners – has provided hygiene and nutrition kits to 250 households in Ulaanbaatar (Khan Uul, Bayanzurkh, Bayangol, Songino – Khairkhan and Chingeltei districts) in February.

However, the Clean Hands Project team acknowledges that additional support is needed. Breathe Mongolia and Mongolia Live, together with PIN, have launched a global fundraising campaign – asking for cash donations to reach an additional 300 children and their families. A donation of 40USD can support a child’s nutrition and hygiene for one month. 

You can donate via Facebook fundraiser here.  

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