The Ethiopian Government has selected Ayuda en Acción’s Livestock Insurance as an innovative solution to hunger.

The selected initiative is based on climatic indices and thanks to a satellite warning system, it makes it possible to measure indicators related to the effects of drought and to financially compensate Ethiopian families so that they can act in time to prevent the loss of their livestock. More than 10,000 pastoralist livestock farmers in Borena, in the Oromia region, have already benefited from this innovative tool to mitigate the risk of disasters related to the climate crisis.

Livestock insurance is one of the 22 innovative solutions chosen by the Government of Ethiopia to be part of its Food System Transformation Plan, a roadmap for the next 10 years aimed at accelerating and achieving sustainable and healthy diets for its population and contributing to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda. The selection comes after a working process of more than two months where Ayuda en Acción, together with other members of Alliance2015, has actively participated in various national forums for dialogue to improve Ethiopia’s food system. The initiative will also be presented at the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS).

For more information you can download the press release here.

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