In the developing Horn of Africa drought crisis, and as attention on the situation in Somalia rises, Kenya is at risk of falling into the shadows.

Alliance2015 members and the ASAL Humanitarian Network (AHN) call for:

  • Urgent and equitable attention on Kenya for drought response funding: Currently allocated resources are insufficient as national and international humanitarian actors urgently require significant additional resources to save lives and protect livelihoods in the short-term;
  • Urgent planning for medium term actions: Given the long-lasting impact on livelihoods and food production, the situation will not be reversed even with a fair rainy season. Agro-pastoralists in particular will need support to recover and diversify their income-generating activities to build back resilience and the ability to withstand future shocks;
  • Continued support to national humanitarian actors at the forefront of the response: Alliance2015 members work overwhelmingly in partnership with national actors and support the strengthening of locally-led humanitarian response to ensure effective targeting and a quality, efficient and timely response;
  • Scaled up investment in early action mechanisms: Humanitarian donors and responders, along with other relevant stakeholders, must continue to invest in early warning and early action approaches. These approaches should link identification with response through clear financing mechanisms to mitigate the impact of slow-onset crises, such as drought.

Read the full joint statement here.

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