Alliance2015 is a secular network of eight European development organisations founded in the year 2000. The founding members are Hivos (Netherlands), Welthungerhilfe (Germany), Concern Worldwide (Ireland) and IBIS (Denmark). 

Alliance2015 is an association, officially registered in the Netherlands under the name Stichting Alliance2015. We have a rotating Presidency, which means that the official seat of Alliance2015 changes whenever the Presidency moves on to the next member. From 2011 - 2013 People in Need held the Presidency, which then moved on to Welthungerhilfe at the beginning of 2014.

Alliance2015 steers its joint work through five main working groups plus several theme groups that cover the various areas of Alliance2015 cooperation. Please click here to see the organisational chart.

Please find our short IN BRIEF overview brochure here
And our annual overview brochure 2013 here

Alliance2015 itself is not an organisation and only employs staff or consultants through its member agencies. The only two persons currently working for the network are an employed Communications Officer seated at Welthungerhilfe in Bonn, Germany and a freelance Senior Programme Officer seated in Grenoble, France.

The official Alliance2015 address is:

c/o Welthungerhilfe
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 1
D-53173 BONN, Germany
Tel +49-228-2288106
Fax +49-228-2288188


Alliance2015 has ANBI status in the Netherlands:
Our RSIN/Tax number is : 809434799