On November 22, Alliance2015 in Peru launched the Global Hunger Index 2023, a tool for comprehensively measuring and tracking hunger at global, regional, and national levels over recent years and decades.  

Alliance2015 members in Peru, Ayuda en Acción, Cesvi , HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Welthungerhilfepresented both the global report and the specific country report for Peru and it was the 4th consecutive year of launching the reports together.  

Credits: Welthungerhilfe 

According to the country report, Peru is facing the worst hunger levels in 10 years. This as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation and political crisis and mismanagement, as well as decades of structural deficits in the education, health and employment sectors. Due to the confirmed recession in the country (worst since 1991) and the impacts of the coastal and global El Niño phenomenon and continued political crisis, the forecast made in the report is that the hunger levels will increase even more next year.  

The launch also allowed for a dialogue between two youth representatives (including YPARD), the Ministry of Agriculture and a research institute (International Potatoe Centre), discussing concrete proposals and solutions on how the youth can contribute to the transformation towards more sustainable and resilient food systems. As the youth representative from Ypard, Eliana Antezana, stated, “we are already empowered, (…) but we need to be included at the discussion table.” The importance of investing in locally anchored markets, supporting agroecology and diversifying the production, mixing traditional methods with new technology was highlighted. Concrete support on how to support youth as entrepreneurs providing innovative solutions to the food crisis, was also discussed.  

Credits: Ayuda en Acción

Young people must play a central role in making decisions that affect them. To participate in food systems, they need greater access to education and training, skills development and capacity building related to agriculture and other food systems activities,”  added Susanna Daag, Welthungerhilfe Representative for Peru and Bolivia, and spokesperson for Alliance2015. 

The Global Hunger Index Peru 2023 report: Informe Perú: Global Hunger Index 2023 

The Global Hunger Index 2023:  

Complete report: https://www.globalhungerindex.org/pdf/en/2023.pdf   

Synopsis: https://www.globalhungerindex.org/pdf/en/2023/synopsis.pdf  

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