The Alliance2015 has signed an Open letter urging United Nations Member States to act on the global hunger crisis, as part of an initiative promoted by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub.

Every 4 seconds, someone dies of starvation. COVID-19 and the Ukraine Crisis have contributed to a dramatic rise in the number of people who suffer from food insecurity. This global hunger crisis is having a major impact in already vulnerable regions. 

In this Open letter, we want to revindicate that behind these numbers and statistics there are real people, and inaction by UN Member States can have fatal consequences for them.

In a world of plenty, leaving people to starve is a policy choice. 

We call on the United Nations Member States to: 

  • Immediately deliver the funding needed to save the lives of the 882,000 people experiencing catastrophic hunger now and to prevent 50 million more people slipping into catastrophic levels of hunger. 
  • Double down on efforts to strengthen food systems that deliver affordable, healthy, nutritious food for everyone and improve the natural environment. 
  • Double climate adaptation finance delivered in the form of grants, including support for smallholders. 

To know more about the global hunger crisis and our calls for action, please read the Open Letter.

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