The 21st edition of the WOMEN FIRST 5km run took place in Addis Ababa on March 17th , 2024, a celebration of Ethiopian women’s strength and achievements.

As an integral part of the International Women’s Day festivities, the event attracted a diverse crowd of over 15,000 participants, including athletes, women from all walks of society, elderly mothers, children, foreigners, and female staff representing various organizations.  

During this significant event, female staff from Alliance2015 member organizations participated and showed their support. Their involvement demonstrated unity among women from different backgrounds. The participation, underscored both personal commitment and Alliance2015’s dedication to the theme and broader gender issues.

Led by Sara Worku, Alliance2015 Coordinator, a team comprising more than 40 staff members from member organizations actively engaged in the event. Their diverse roles, including senior leadership positions, served as an inspiration to others, reinforcing the message of empowerment.

Since its inception in 2004, the WOMEN FIRST 5km Run has celebrated Ethiopia’s exceptional female athletes and advocated for broader societal advancements benefiting women. This year’s race embraced the theme “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” emphasizing the significance of investing in women’s development for societal advancement.

“Investing in women is not only a matter of human rights, but it is also a fundamental pillar for the establishment of societies that are inclusive and fair”– Ayalnesh Megra, Health and Nutrition coordinator, Concern Worldwide.

“Advancements in the empowerment of women are advantageous to everyone” – Tarik Aschalew, Deputy head of Finance, Welthungerhilfe.

By investing in women, whether in the realms of education, economic prospects, or leadership positions, we can expedite societal advancement, advocate for gender parity, and enable women to have a more substantial impact on socio-economic and cultural growth.” – Sara Worku, Alliance2015 Coordinator.

“Affirming the rights of women and girls in every facet of their existence is the exclusive method to cultivate prosperous and fair economies, and to construct a sustainable world for future generations” – Klára Jelínková, Country Director, People In Need.

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