The Ukraine Crisis enters today its fourth month, forcing more than 5 million people to cross the border to seek refuge in neighboring countries, and 8 million people are internally displaced in Ukraine. 

To counteract the devastating consequences of the crisis, the Alliance2015’ members have been delivering essential humanitarian assistance directly both in conflict-affected locations and IDP-hosting areas, thanks to the: 

1. Delivery of core-relief items into conflict-affected locations in Ukraine 

2. Provision of emergency cash assistance to IDPs and their hosts in Western and Central Ukraine 

3. Support to collective centers in Western and Central Ukraine 

Everyday Alliance2015 teams on the ground prepare humanitarian kits to meet the needs of IDPs and are working closely with local communities, to understand their needs.

Stories of Internally Displaced People

Elena had to leave Kharkiv at the beginning of the hostilities in her city. Although Kharkiv is now back under Ukrainian control, it is still under constant rocket attacks, so Elena and her family have choosen to stay in Lukovytsia, Chernivtsi region, where they have been able to move to a private house. Although she is relieved that she could escape the violence together with her husband and 4 children, she worries about the consequences the war will have on her children: “I worry about the psychological state of children who are afraid to sleep at night, because they hear the sounds of shelling.” she told Alliance2015 colleagues. 

“I worry about the psychological state of children who are afraid to sleep at night, because they hear the sounds of shelling.” 

Elena had to leave her hometown because of the conflict

Other displaced Ukrainians have been separated from their families and friends, like Irina. She lived in a small city in the Donetsk region, but she and her elderly mother had to leave suddenly at the beginning of the aggression. She recalls how hard it has been to be away from her support system: “The most difficult thing for me now is that I am separated from my relatives, as well as that I lost my job and my income.” Because she lost her job, Irina couldn’t buy basic products she needed for her and her mother once they were in a safer place. Cash assistance is meant to help displaced people like Irina and her mother, who are relocated in safe areas of Ukraine where shops and markets are operative but who lack of monetary means to access necessities. 

More about our work in Ukraine on our members websites: 


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