Hunger reduction

The latest data available show that while we have made progress in reducing hunger on a global scale since 2000, we still have a long way to go.

How we work

The members have particular expertise in the areas of food and nutrition security, climate change, skills and livelihoods and community resilience. To that goal, the members join forces globally by sharing knowledge and technical resources, in delivering ambitious joint-programmes.

Alliance2015 members are engaged with programmes funded, amongst other donors, by the European Commission, national governments within EU, SDC, DFID, USAID as well as philanthropic foundations. Alliance2015 members are also working with new development instruments such as social enterprises, Impact investments and cash-based programming. 

In all countries where 2 or more members work, we meet on a regular basis, to exchange information, technical resources, lessons learnt and evidence of impact, when possible design and implement joint programmes.

47 countries
in which levels of hunger are still serious or alarming.
822 million
the number of undernourished people in 2018
South Asia
has highest 2019 GHI score