Alliance2015 High Level Objectives

The overall goal of Alliance2015 continues to be the best-possible contribution towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals

  1. To reduce by half the number of people living in absolute poverty, by 2015;
  2. To ensure access to primary education for all children, by 2015.
  3. To promote gender equality and empower women
  4. To reduce by two thirds the number of children that die before their fifth birthday, by 2015;
  5. To reduce by three quarters the number of women that die in childbirth, by 2015;
  6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  7. To reverse environmental degradation by ensuring countries originate and implement 'green strategies' by 2015
  8. To develop a global partnership for development

A shared commitment towards more aid effectiveness and to keeping the Millennium Development Goals on the global agenda, is the driving force behind Alliance2015

Specific Alliance2015 Objectives:

  • Develop and implement joint projects and programmes, including larger-scale programmes that are beyond the capacity of any one partner;
  • Coordinate and cooperate on emergency response operations;
  • Share best practice in programming and develop higher standards;
  • Implement joint advocacy campaigns;
  • Initiate joint investment in areas such as technology and new administrative/financial systems;
  • Share assets, resources and personnel;
  • Avoid duplication and ensure optimum use of resources by working in the most flexible and practical manner possible.

In 2013, Alliance2015 launched its new strategy, focusing on development programming, emergency response and advocacy work. Please click here to see the full document