The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness

The five principles that Alliance2015 has committed to are based on the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness from the year 2005:

  • Ownership: base development cooperation work on the demands of the most marginalised and poor people in recipient countries
  • Harmonisation: Strengthen cooperation within Alliance2015
  • Alignment: Work towards aligning to local partners’ strategies and systems
  • Accountability: Long-term commitment, transparency in decision making and disbursements
  • Managing for Results: Achieving results towards reaching the MDGs


Alliance2015 & Aid Effectiveness

Alliance2015 published five Country Briefs plus a synthesis report ahead of the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea in 2011: Democratic Ownership beyond Busan: Building Inclusive Partnerships for Development

Some conclusions of the reports:

  • Donors are not making enough effort to provide developing countries with the political space they require to choose their own road to development through genuinely democratic processes.
  • Many governments in developing countries have never fully endorsed the principle of democratic ownership or taken serious steps to provide an enabling environment. Governments are not giving civil society and parliaments proper recognition as independent development actors.
  • In the cases when they are invited to participate, civil society organisations and parliaments often lack the capacity to make a meaningful contribution to development processes.