Hivos from the Netherlands

Emancipation, democratisation and poverty alleviation - these are the keys to the work of Hivos in the developing world. Hivos is a secular organisation that operates according to humanist principles.

Founded in 1968, Hivos stands for: Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation. To this end, Hivos provides financial support to over 700 local grassroots organisations in currently 27 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. These organisations operate projects across a wide variety of disciplines and interests: economics, culture and the arts, human rights and AIDS, environment and sustainable development, and gender, women and development. Together, these five themes form the core of Hivos's policy.

In The Netherlands, Hivos has formed strategic partnerships with organisations that have expertise in these areas. We are currently working on a special programme to improve internet and web access for people in the developing world. Much of our work has been decentralised to regional offices in Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Bolivia and Costa Rica. This facilitates better contact with partner organisations. In both The Netherlands and the European Union, Hivos actively lobbies for a foreign policy that takes the needs and interests of developing nations into account.

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Hivos Annual Report 2015